About Me: I am one half of a Malaysian father-daughter team working to create a simple but luxurious retreat on the uninhabited island of Pulau Tengah, Malaysia. Although I lived in the UK for twenty years, I returned frequently to Malaysia for holidays and always took time to spend a few days in our little family house on this beautiful and empty(!) island.

When my father finally decided to bite-the-bullet and started developing a resort on the island, I jumped at the chance to come back to Asia, re-direct my career and take part in the project. I love travelling and hotels. In particular, I love well done, well designed, independent small hotels which provide guests with a taste of local culture. I enjoyed the advent of the boutique hotel and made a pretty good attempt at working my way through a small part of the i-escape / Hip Hotels / Special Places to Stay inventories whilst living and working in London. I also love beautiful furniture and fabrics and creating beautiful interiors. I love the beach, I love to dive and snorkel, I love South East Asia. I love the challenge of this new project.

About Batu Batu: An idyllic retreat on a beautiful island off the east coast of Malaysia – a place to relax, doze in the shade of palm trees, snorkel in translucent waters, read books, walk barefoot along fine sand beaches, indulge in massages, explore the island’s heath forest interior, kayak to empty beaches, picnic on nearby islands, eat well and unwind. We hope to create something natural, something beautiful which blends into the island’s landscape. We are entirely committed to the preservation and proliferation of the island’s natural habitat and will try hard to source locally and sustainably, supporting local businesses and organisations along our way.

Find out more about Batu Batu at our website or visit our Facebook page. Email me at enquiries@batubaturesort.com.


One thought on “About

  1. i will be coming over with your dad soon, it is has been my dream too!
    island in the sun….
    c yah hopefully by mid july

    Maj Abddul Rahman Teoh (Rtd)

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